Nasty Silence

I’ve been clicking shutters since I was a young student, when I had a Ricoh camera that was so busted, it only worked when you held it upside down.

I love fresh air, big skies and a room with a view. I choose to see beauty everywhere.

I never took my photos serious till a few years ago. I have traveled all over the world, seen the Great Pyramids of Egypt, stood inside the Sistine Chapel, ate lunch outside the Eiffel tower, wandered through Monet’s garden and bought wool and wine in Chile. I’ve had coffee in Turkey, sat in massage chairs in Japan, and I once skipped out on visiting the Great Wall of China to buy the Soprano’s box set in a crazy seedy downtown Beijing market.

The Philosophy

The most beautiful thing on the face of the planet is the human body, in all its forms. The nude, the implied nude, the topless, the bodyscape, are all genres of art in their own right, if still socially taboo in certain conservative circles. But it’s not just the nude that is socially taboo. In the words of Helmut Newton, “No woman is naked unless she is wearing high heels”, so I can say that there is more to the nude than just the naked body. The elements of fetish and bondage that I sometimes bring into my work, as well as the hinted-at eroticism in some of the stuff I do, is just as socially taboo as the nude, if not actually more so.

Every day we are bombarded with idealistic images of beauty that the media would have us believe are real. Women all over the world see these images as a goal, something to aspire to, and we put ourselves under a great deal of pressure in aspiring to achieve goals like this that are used as benchmarks by which to judge our lives. The ‘have it all’ syndrome – ageless beauty, perfect body, successful career, loving family, house, fashion…and on and on. The female psyche of wanting what is just out of reach is used as a marketing tool on a daily basis – and how we look plays a big part in this. By providing a similar service to ladies who commission me for boudoir photography session, they have a rare opportunity to see themselves with that same polish and gloss, which importantly lifts the veil on those idealistic images that we put so much pressure on ourselves to emulate. My philosophy is that by helping real, normal women realise that they can look just as fabulous, perhaps I can relieve some of that pressure and channel some of my considerable energies into leading more fulfilling lives.